Cyberwarfare – Some Current Examples

If you have no idea what cyberwar/warfare is, take a look at one of the following articles – they focus some interesting current examples: China accuses US of online warfare in Iran (Guardian, 24/01/10) Cyber warfare ‘now reality’ (Telegraph, 19/11/09) NATO’s Cyber Defence Warriors (BBC, 03/02/09) China ‘using Cyberwarfare to Challenge US  Power’ (Telegraph, 21/11/08 ) […]

Cyberracism, Neo Fascism in the Internet – the Dark Sides of “Free Information”?

During my research for M91MC I found some interesting pages about less acceptable / more problematic aspects of modern media culture or free information in the internet, respectively: Cyberracism and “Cyberfascism“. The last term shall describe neofascist activities in the world wide web. I am thinking about doing some more research on this topic and […]