Cyberwarfare – Some Current Examples

If you have no idea what cyberwar/warfare is, take a look at one of the following articles – they focus some interesting current examples:

China accuses US of online warfare in Iran (Guardian, 24/01/10)

Cyber warfare ‘now reality’ (Telegraph, 19/11/09)

NATO’s Cyber Defence Warriors (BBC, 03/02/09)

China ‘using Cyberwarfare to Challenge US  Power’ (Telegraph, 21/11/08 )

Estonia hit by “Moscow Cyber War” (BBC, 17/05/07)

Generally spoken, Cyberwarfare describes a wide range of aggressive actions using and simultaneously targeting new media. Possible targets can be mere websites as well as computers managing sensitive data, stock exchange, controlling traffic or the like. Furthermore, it can occur on different “levels”, i.e. there seems to be  a distinction between attacks on personal websites (personal context), the sabotage of governmental computers (political context) and the deprivation / destruction of information on corporation data bases (economical context). Techniques of choice would be for instance destructive programs like viruses or “hacking”. Information warfare is an often used synonym. Another related term would be Cyberterrorism. See for more definitions or


Author: Dr. Dennis Nguyen

Media and Communications Researcher with particular interest in online media, transnational discourses, crisis communication, public sphere theory, and empirical methods.

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