Open Government UK

At end of January UK´s government opened its data base for the public. “Unlocking innovation” is the projects headline, which stands for approaching a more transparent government. Find the official website here. People can now access freely  information and data of administrative and governmental institutions – and observers from outside the UK are glancing jealously across the channel. Especially some “net-democrats” see a lot of potential in the free access of this data, for instance:

  • Governmental actions could become transparent and “open”,
  • Administration could become interactive, more efficient and adjusted to the needs of the citizens,
  • The project can provide complete primary sources
  • Information / data is easy accessible for a broad audience

The UK is in Europe one of the first countries providing such an open access to its data base(s).

What do you think about this development? Could you define a concrete merit for you personally?


Author: Dr. Dennis Nguyen

Media and Communications Researcher with particular interest in online media, transnational discourses, crisis communication, public sphere theory, and empirical methods.

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