Cyberracism, Neo Fascism in the Internet – the Dark Sides of “Free Information”?

During my research for M91MC I found some interesting pages about less acceptable / more problematic aspects of modern media culture or free information in the internet, respectively: Cyberracism and “Cyberfascism“. The last term shall describe neofascist activities in the world wide web. I am thinking about doing some more research on this topic and possibly to write about it. I would like to know what experiences and knowledge you have about these issues.

Another interesting and similar topic could be Cyberjihad – probably all those phenomena share the same basic mechanisms in terms of (pejorative) identity construction, propaganda / PR etc.

Making a start…

…is often the most difficult part; but once it is done, things mostly carry on quiet smoothly. Hopefully the same applies for this blog. It was created in the context of the module “Information Societies” in the second term of the MA course in Communication, Culture & Media at Coventry University.

Here we can discuss practical examples as well as theoretical approaches on contemporary media (-culture,- society, etc.). Furthermore, this blog may serve as a forum for exchanging experiences in the media sector or academia, respectively.

However, if I have understood the instructions of our tutors today correctly, this blog may also transform into a “publication platform” for the coursework by combining academic writing with the crossmedial possibilities of the World Wide Web.