Information Societies- A Highly Vulnerable ‘Body’?

The Information Society – A Highly Vulnerable ‘Body’? Cyber-Battlefields and Digital Crime Scenes 1. Introduction The continuing technological process of late Western capitalistic-democratic societies led to the creation of new social, governmental and economic spaces in the World Wide Web. Since its beginning, people populate the many spaces of the Internet with digital effigies or […]

Cyberwarfare – Some Current Examples

If you have no idea what cyberwar/warfare is, take a look at one of the following articles – they focus some interesting current examples: China accuses US of online warfare in Iran (Guardian, 24/01/10) Cyber warfare ‘now reality’ (Telegraph, 19/11/09) NATO’s Cyber Defence Warriors (BBC, 03/02/09) China ‘using Cyberwarfare to Challenge US  Power’ (Telegraph, 21/11/08 ) […]