Conference Presentations

As organiser and moderator:

12/2020 Data Bias and Algorithmic Discrimination Mini-Conference in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy in Den Haag.

12/2019 Who Owns Your Data? A Critical Debate with Experts from Governance, Research, Law & Business, Utrecht, Mini-Conference in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy in Den Haag.

09/2018 How Does Technology Transform Media & Public Opinion? A Conference about Digital Platforms and Freedom of Speech, Utrecht, Mini-Conference in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy in Den Haag.

As panel speaker:

09/2020: EuroIA, Berlin: Defining Data Literacy and Building Trust – How to Include User-Perspectives.

07/2020: Rising “Data Superpowers”, “Start-Up Countries”, and a “New Arms Race”? The News Framing of Global Competition in the Data Economy. Conference paper at IAMCR 2020.

10/2019 EuroIA, Riga, topic: The Ethical Challenges of Data-Driven Design – Technology’s Impact on Trust.

03/2018 DAKAM Cultural Studies Conference 2018, Istanbul, topic: Fake News vs. Facts. Government Responses to Misinformation During the European Refugee Crisis.

11/2017 Connecting to the Masses – 100 Years since the Russian Revolution: From Agitprop to the Attention Economy, Amsterdam, topic: #catalanreferendum: Twitter Use During the Catalan Independence Referendum.

08/2017 The Migration Conference, Harokopio Univeristy Athens, topic: Mapping the Refugee Crisis Discourse Online. The Case of Idomeni on Instagram.

08/2017 International Conference on Education and Learning, Tokyo, topic: Teaching Big Data and Online Research in Communication and Media Studies Programmes: Strategies for Introducing Digital methods to Students in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

05/2017 International Conference on Media Studies, London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, held in Warsaw, topic: Framing the Syrian War in Non-Mainstream YouTube Videos. An Exploratory Analysis of Alternative Public Spheres on the Web.

11/2014 Material Matters in Times of Crisis Capitalism. Transnational Feminist and Decolonial Approaches, Justus Liebig University Giessen, topic: The EU Crisis and the Emergent Transnational Public Sphere (forthcoming).

06/2013 ICS PhD Conference, University of Leeds, topic: The Financial Crisis and European Online Media.

04/2013 Intersectional Conflict and Dialogue in Transnational Digital Diaspora Networks, University of Hull, topic: Transnationalism Online. Chances and Challenges.

10/2012 The Association of Internet Researchers Conference, University of Salford/Manchester, topic: The Occupy Movement Online. Same Label, Different Projects? A Comparative Study on Occupy London and Nigeria.

06/2012 PhD Symposium New Media and Protest, London School of Economics (LSE), topic: The European Blogosphere in Times of Global Crisis.

01/2011 Media, Communication, and Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA), University of Salford/Manchester, topic: The General Election 2010 and the Blogosphere. A Deficit of Democratic Discourse?

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